Dear Patients,

Effective November 16, 2018 Dr. Vinod Vallabh formerly affiliated with Carolina Gastroenterology will cease providing medical services at 570 New Waverly place #140. Cary NC 27518.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to provide your health care needs over the years. Your medical records are confidential, and a copy can be transferred to another doctor of your choice or released to you only through your written authorization.

Medical Records:
Until November 16th, I will have all medical records in my possession. To transfor your records, download and fill out this form (requests your records) and mail or fax to the form to:

Dr. Vinod Vallabh
PO Box 2016, Cary, NC 27518
Tel (919) 854-2500
Fax (919) 803-6751.

Continuation of Care:
After November 16th, unless you indicate otherwise, all records will be automatically transferred to Cary Gastroenterology for continuation of care. You are welcome to continue your care with any of the physicians of Cary Gastroenterology, or select another gastroenterologist practice of your choice. See above for the required form needed to transfer your records to another doctors.

Cary Gastroenterology can be reached at (919) 816-4948, option 3 for scheduling and information.

Outstanding Payments or related inquires:

It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve you over the years and gain your trust. I wish you and your family well.

Vinod C. Vallabh, MD FRCPC